Descriptive Essay On A Day

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It was a hot summer night on July 5th I remember it was a day after the fourth of July. Arianna sent me a text asking to come over because she was bored and she complained how she hasn’t seen me in two days. Meanwhile i asked my mom if she could come over and stay the night. My mom was concerned because it was about eight fifty at night, but she didn't ask any questions she just picked up her keys and hooked the dog to her leash and told me to tell Arianna we were on our way. Arianna only lives two blocks away from me, and my mom didn’t mind her coming over because its not a long drive. When we pulled up to Arianna’s house she was sitting on her porch. Her hair was in a messy bun while she was wearing a baggy shirt and sweatpants. All i could do was laugh at her and think to myself “Thats my best friend alright”. When we were diving to my house she was thanking my mom for letting her stay with us and then all the sudden we hit a bump and her sweet tea bottle hits me in the face and spills all over me. My mom and Ari laughed at me all the way home, then my dog licked all the sweet tea off of me, it was so sticky and hot and it was very gross but at least i smelled good. After all that chaos we pulled in my gravel driveway and me and Ari’s favorite song came on the radio “Thats My Kind Of Night” so my mom left the keys in the car and we sang as loud as we could. Later that night It was about midnight and we were in my living room watching scary movies and my mom was

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