Descriptive Essay On A Day

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Every Christmas, my family goes on a snowboarding trip to Colorado. We stay for a week in the beautiful city of Breckenridge. On Christmas eve of 2016, my family awoke to one of the most beautiful and visually pleasing days of the year. It was about nine o’clock when I looked out the window and saw the fresh, powdery snow that seemingly floated down from the sky. What a day, I thought to myself. I wondered how I was so lucky as to see such an aesthetic scene after only just waking up. After watching the snow sail gently through the sky for a couple of minutes, I turned around and saw that my family was awake too. We decided to go get some breakfast from the lobby because we wanted to eat before snowboarding. We knew it was going to be a long day. There’s nothing like starting your day with some fluffy, golden pancakes that have been drowned in syrup and some perfectly cooked, fresh off the grill bacon. After filling up on our savory breakfast, we decided to go back to the hotel room and get ready. My brother, Chaka, was the first one to the room after we got off of the elevator because snowboarding is one of his favorite activities. Eventually we were in the room, and Rob, Chaka, and I were getting all of our clothes on. My mom doesn’t like snowboarding because it scares her, so she doesn’t come with us. She likes to lay in the hotel room and get her, “alone time”. Anyway, snowboarding gear consists of sweatpants, hoodies, snowpants, and winter coats. Getting ready is

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