Descriptive Essay On A History Museum

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“I really want to go home,” I said to myself. I was exhausted from cutting the vast amount of trees that was for building my own house. I had never imagined that I was going to build my own house in the middle of this unknown forest. Also, this unknown forest was magical. It has talking animals and plants living in this forest. It is blood freezing cold and creepy in the night, but also interesting if you try to enjoy the time you spend in this magical forest.

This whole journey started when I went on a field trip to the history museum with my classmates. It had begun when Ms. Anderson had planned for our class to go on a field trip to the historical museum in the magical forest, the day before.I was all lift up and prepared for this field trip. After a long hour pasted inside the small school bus, our classmates and I could find an amazing few of this historical museum. There were uncountable trees surrounding it, and the building of the
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I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to see anything around me. So, before I begin to panic again, I made a choice that I should build a basic shelter to survive this night. I gathered some soft leaves that had fallen to the ground and made it the size that I could fit in. After that, I was looking for a big rock that I could lay my head on. This part was especially hard. Since the ground was all covered with leaves, it was almost impossible to find any types of rocks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any rocks that I could sleep on, so I had to sleep on the ground with some leaves. When I lay down on the cold floor of the forest I missed my home with warm heat, comfortable bed, plenty of food, and the happiness I had while I was with my family. In addition to that, I felt very lonely. Having to sleep alone on this cold forest floor, I missed my mom and dad who used to hug me goodnight and telling me funny stories. While I was thinking about it, I fell
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