Descriptive Essay On A Horse

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Ever since I was a child I knew that I wanted to work with animals. Horses, in particular, have always fascinated me. After much begging, pleading, years of convincing, and always working hard to save up money, I convinced my parents to allow me to buy a horse. To me, Indie was the most beautiful quarter horse I could have ever dreamed of getting. Since our purchase of Indie, we have acquired another horse, Sherman, and a pony, Tucker. Although the horses have always been hard work, they were worth every sweaty hot summer evening of mucking out the stalls and frigid winter mornings of carrying water to the trough in order to avoid freezing our hoses. After all, I used to dream of being a veterinarian and helping all kinds of animals in some way.
When I learned how to heal my horse’s hoof a couple of years ago, the vision of being a vet was reaffirmed. It was a hot summer day when my dad and I were working around the barn. Like any other day as we worked we would check on how the horses were doing, this included grooming them and cleaning their hooves. We noticed one of our horses, Indie, moseying over with a limp and not putting weight on one hoof. I immediately was worried, thinking that he might have a serious injury.
“Let’s lift up his hoof and check out what he got into,” suggested my dad. (How Indie’s hoof looked) It became apparent that there was an infection and a veterinarian needed to be called. This was the first time that the vet had to be called out for Indie

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