Descriptive Essay On A Long Walk

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The Long Walk “We have no money, so quit your complaining! It’s only a six mile walk!” My mom screamed at me three hours before my dentist appointment. My family doesn’t have any money to fill the car with gas, so we have to walk everywhere. But not only didn’t we have the money, but this town has no gas station, so filling it up would require us to drive 45 miles, which makes the trip even more expensive. I wish this town had more to it, then it would make my long walks around town more enjoyable, and I wouldn’t have to feel so nervous walking around. It was 4:30 am and my chicken alarm woke me up for my dentist appointment. I didn’t want to get up, but I knew I had to because in just 30 short minutes, I would need to be leaving for my appointment at 8. Yes, do the math. I have to leave three hours before my appointment. Why? Well because my family has no money, so I have to walk. I crawl to the bathroom on the other side of the hall and hear a BANG, BANG, BANG! There are just seconds between the shots. Being half asleep, this sound wakes me up. I think of all of the possibilities as to what it could have been, but then I realize it is probably just the neighbor shooting his gun to prove a point to his wife, which is quite normal I have found to be true. The rest of the time getting ready seems to go fast. By the time I get done brushing my hair and my teeth, it is already 4:58 am. I rush down stairs and put on my tennis shoes. I have a long hike ahead of me. I open the front door of my house to leave, and I notice my neighbor looking at me through his window. He is watching me. Keep in mind this is the same neighbor that shot the gun off just 25 minutes earlier. Seeing this makes me walk faster than usual. I get to the end of the block, and then once again I hear a BANG, then silence. By now I begin running, trying to get away from my neighbor’s house as fast as possible. Once I reach main street, I feel safe and start walking again. ****2 HOURS PASS**** I am just a quarter of a mile from the dentist’s office. I have almost made it. Almost. Although, there have been many sounds and sketchy sites along the way. Suddenly, a large CRASH, then silence. I jump, frightened by what I just heard, but thankful
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