Descriptive Essay On A Moving House

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Click. Click. Click. Went the gloss black video game controller buttons. As I played everyday after school, the virtual world was not giving me what I was looking for. I felt like something was missing. Was it better grades in school? No. Was it more friends in school? No. Was it a job? Maybe. Was it to be motivated and to become a hard worker? I think so. The next day my dad introduced the idea that we should start flipping houses. This was the first time that I was actually excited and scared to do something. It was a big risk, but in the end those risks usually pay off. Although flipping houses with my dad was something I wasn’t sure about, it changed me to become a hard worker. First of all, finding the right house was a challenge. After going to many different homes daily with our realtor, we finally found the one that was meant to be ours. It was a peach color house with all of the paint flaking off the worn out cedar siding. It was a tall two story house with wide white windows, and a porch with missing wood pieces in some spots. My family and I entered the lopsided porch and heard creaking with every loose piece we stepped on. As we entered the home, we instantly smelled must and mold. That didn't scare us off because we saw the potential behind the old cracked plaster walls. We looked past the ancient golden wood cabinets hanging in the kitchen and the pet-stained green carpeting. In the bedrooms, there was a small closet in each room with barely enough room to fit
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