Descriptive Essay On A Rooftop Trip

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What is a cliché solution that people say when a person’s level of stress is at an all time high? Get back in touch with nature. But why? What does “getting in touch with nature” do? Is sitting on a park bench watching the trees blow supposed to magically bring your heartrate down? How is a person supposed to lay in a hammock when they can’t relax enough to stop chewing their fingernails? Occasionally however clichés are cliché for a reason: they work. Even though my experience didn’t involve a park bench or a hammock, it did seem to melt away all my problems like, well, magic. The idea of visiting a rooftop garden did not sound overly exciting to me on that Tuesday morning in early June. My eyelids were droopy and my mind was trying to find its way through a fog, but I dragged my feet through the Roe Center hallways with my fellow Bridgers to the roof of Roe. I was not quite sure what to expect from the trip, so I was going in completely blind (both as far as thoughts go and due to the fact that the sunlight was reflecting off my glasses). When the doors swung open, I was instantly enthralled by the views around me. Stepping out onto the rooftop patio and into the morning sun was refreshing and my senses were overwhelmed by everything around me. I kneeled down to get a closer look at the plants and was surprised to see just how many different plants could live in harmony in such a small space. Most of them were short and stubby grasses of green and brown, thin enough so

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