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Top Luxury Tented Mara Camps

A fun way to spend this summer is to go on a luxury safari. There are many places that offer this package, but none comes close to what the cradle of mankind does. The cradle of mankind, East Africa, has a lot to offer for any tourist looking for fun, adventure and luxury all combined into one. The best place to enjoy a full safari in East Africa is to go visit the Mara. The Mara is a breath-taking place where you will get to see all the big five (lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino) and at the same time you get to enjoy the tropical weather. As the tourist will be a luxury traveller here are a couple of luxury tented camps in the Mara for him or her to enjoy.

Elephant pepper camp It is found in the
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It is on a valley that overlooks the Loita Hills and rolling plains that give its guests a remote heaven in the wild. Although the tented camp is in the bush it still offers luxury, private safari experience as well as authentic cultural encounters. The unique location provides its tourist a private tour of the Mara without mixing with the crowds in the rest of the Mara. The safari camp has only seven spacious tents that can accommodate 16 guests. Premium cotton linens are outfitted on King-size beds and the rooms have an en-suite baths. There are hot showers with flushing toilets. Every room in the camp has battery powered electricity and a private verandah. The verandah provides a breathtaking 180-degree view of Loita…show more content…
The Conservancy is 35,000 acres big and is home to many Maasai villages. The Mara Plains Camp was founded by Dereck Joubert who wanted to come up with a camp that combines romance, discovery adventure and exploration. To make this possible he made the entrance to the camp a footbridge over the Ntiakitiak River to a small slope and at the end of the journey the tourist is greeted to an endless horizon that is dotted by a single tree. The luxurious tented camp’s design is heavily influenced by Maasai and Arab culture in its design. It has large wooden doors that reflect Swahili heritage of the people of Lamu. There are deep purple and red tones that honour the Maasai people who roamed the land for hundreds of

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