Descriptive Essay On A Smart Dog

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All I've ever wanted was to have a white, furry, heavy, four legged creature pound on me everyday I came back home from school again. To see him, hear him bark and growl, just to know he was still alive. My Labrador Neko, was a very smart dog.One day he ran away and then returned home but, when he did it was caught on camera of him getting on his hind legs to ring the doorbell, how smart is that? Another time he did something amazingly smart, was when I was very sad because I lost my toy, and next thing I knew he came and gave me a dog hug. The shocking part about it was that no one had trained him to do those things!
I thought my life was perfect, living with a smart dog like him. I cared about him so much that I couldn't believe seeing or knowing that something was wrong with him and if something was wrong, I would do anything and everything I could to help him. One time I even almost gave him “human medicine” but hey, I was only seven years old! Even being only seven, the day I never saw him again only had me questioning my parents, and they decided to not hide the truth behind him being “missing” right before we were moving to Brussels, Belgium.
One warm midwinter morning in El Paso, Texas the week before we moved to Brussels, Belgium I heard my dad walk right past the my room, I quickly woke up and went to spy on him. I saw my dad walk out the screen door into our backyard. Right next to the screen door was a window so I peaked out of it to only see my dad waking up
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