Descriptive Essay On A Snow Day

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down i went the visor that my mom had set up lefty my mouth and i came crashing into the snow and ice i started trying to breath it was hard almost impossible “ nooo” i tryed to scream but my voice woud improve then the chill hit me full blast worse than when i walked out of the airport i thought i am going to die

“Wow mom look at all that snow just waiting for me” my seven year old self said I waited so long to see snow and there it was everything seemed white except spots of green here and there

Then the pilot interrupted my thoughts “ we are descending to the gerald r. Ford airport in grand rapids have a lovely snow day”

“Hannah!!!!” my grandmother exclaimed
“Grandmother!!!” I exclaimed back
Let's go to my car now hannah your outfit just will not do for this cold here have this jacket it will fit you”
As we stepped outside I was aghast the snow seemed to cover everything even some of the people!! Then as we were walking to the car i noticed a chill in the air then the chill hit me fast i was doubled over and not able to breath my mom rushed me to my grandmother’s car and rushed me in I regained control of my breathing in a couple seconds terrifying seconds

After that we started driving to lunch at morning star cafe with papa as we came out of the car my mom lifted up my jacket to cover my mouth like a visor i thought a life saving visor to make sure i don't die by suffocation we headed in and immediately i saw my papa “papa papa” i exclaimed I was overjoyed then the chill came back I noticed that the door was wide open before I could pull my jacket up i started not being able to breath again “ close that door” someone yelled a few seconds after i started hack and cough uncontrollably and i shuddered after my hacking stopped we ordered lunch “ i will go first I will have the cinnamon french toast with…. ”
“ she will have water”my mother said
“ okay what will you have sir ” she said while pointing to my papa
“ the border scramble with potatoes and iced tea” papa said
“And you ma'am” the waitress said pointing to my mom
“The Chicken salad wrap and potatoes with water” mom said and then I hugged her because she looked so shaken up about the whole suffocating thing then we started up a
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