Descriptive Essay On An Abandoned House

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It was a spooky night with the coyotes howl and the owl hooting with the flash of lighting in the sky we were lost. My friend Zack and I took a hike to see what was beyond the woods where we lived and we lost are way. You see we just moved in so we were curious to see what was there. We found a old abandoned house or was it abandoned but we needed sleep so we went near. First we thought this house looks like something out of a horror movie with old broken windows and the dark misty trees. We went up to the doors and the door slowly opened and we went in with the cold breezes coming though we both had chills. We had never been this scared before we heard bats and squeaking of the the stairs. Squeak,squeak,squeak and we paused as we say something moving in the shadows. We did not like this house already but it was are only option we found a room that had two beds in it and we laid down to sleep but we couldn't we were to scared to even eat. When my friend said “why did we have to go on this, now were lost and cold and don't forget in this frightening house in the middle of nowhere”. “Well i said at least we are not getting eaten by wolves am i right”. “Well i guess you are”. Then we heard a squeak,squeak,squeak in the hallway and we fell silent we did not have the courage to talk we looked outside the door and then there was the shadow coming up the stairs.We panicked we tried to hide but there was nowhere to hide we heard it speak “my,my
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