Descriptive Essay On Baseball

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When I first got to my baseball, which was being played in a Major league stadium, I got out of my car they the derator had me head into the tunnel which lead to the locker room. Once I got to the locker room I got my jersey on and laced up my cleats which smelled like garbage can that has sit out to long! Then I went up the dugout and went onto the field to warmup and all you could hear was the crowd cheering and screaming they’re son’s name. After we got warmed up we headed back into the dugout and relaxed a little before the game started. Once the game was getting ready to start we got to talk to our families for a few minutes then we hustled onto the field and said the national anthem, then it was game time baby “Wooo let's gooooo!!” said my teammates as I sat there and laughed my butt off. After the pitcher got done warming up and the first pitch was on the way you could smell the smell of fresh hot dogs and hamburgers. You could also smell the sweet smell of cotton candy in the air and boy did it make you hungry. But anyways once the first pitch hit the bat of the batter and you heard the sound of the aluminum hit the ball you knew it was game time. Once the ball was hit I was quick to move in front of it and stop it from going to the outfield (by the way i’m playing second base right now) as I got the ball I zipped it to first and got the first out of the game and boy did it feel good to hear the rubble of the crowd as they jumped out of their seats to scream “Woo

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