Descriptive Essay On Choir

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Control Engulfed by the pitch-black stage, I followed the sound of footsteps made by the other members of my choir. Step by step, each passed towards the center stage. My legs started to get tremulous, and my mind cluttered with every lyric and dance step I practiced for months. I was losing control of every part of me. “Next on stage we have the all-girls Diamond Bar show choir, Solitaire,” a man proudly announced as a wave of cheers followed. As the curtain slowly rose, my heart felt as if it was going to erupt. It was my first show choir performance since nearly three years, and in the back of my mind there was still a voice telling me that I can’t do it. The stage lights flashed, and at that split second, everything from the past…show more content…
I never really talked to Bernice. When we first met, she seemed intimidating, like the kind of person with a loud and proud personality. She sat down to meet me at eye level. “Are you feeling any better?” she asked, “I could bring you to the nurse if you need to.” I nodded with a no in response to the second statement. I finally calmed down, but my heart felt heavy. The air around felt as if it was pushing me down. We sat there in silence for a while until she started talking again, “I used to get anxiety all the time. I know what it feels like.” She shared with me the times she got anxiety and how she’s dealt with it, “it was difficult back then because no one else really knew what to do, but I promise I’ll help you out.” It was a relief to hear that Bernice was there to support me, and she never broke that promise. The heavy, cloudy air around me suddenly felt clear, and we headed back inside. At our break, she advised me on how to take my anxiety and stage fright step by step. I jotted down a mental note of every step and followed it for the rest of my life. The first step is to accept that anxiety will happen and it’ll take a while to control it. Even to this day, I still have trouble controlling it. Next was to find help with handling my anxiety. Bernice told me herself and the other choir members were always there for me, but she also suggested going to our school’s wellness center as well. Finally, to overcome these
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