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By going through my articles, you may think that I took to coffee like a fish takes to water, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Like most children, I thought coffee tasted like dirt. I didn’t have a natural affinity for it like I did with monkey-bars, and I certainly didn’t wake up one day and decide to learn everything about it. Like most things, coffee was a passion I acquired over time through influences and experiences.
By the time I reached adolescence, I had gotten over my initial lackluster impression of coffee. I indulged in the occasional canned coffee from time to time, but only got around to truly appreciating it when Indonesia’s third wave coffee scene took off. Suddenly, coffee became less of a quick power up drink and more of an experience to set aside
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I am one of the lucky few who had a behind the scenes look at the makings of a coffee shop. I was there through its construction, opening, and its crucial first months. I call the shop my second home, but you might know it as Eight Coffee.
Opened in 2012, Eight Coffee is the result of two people’s love for the bean, the experience, and the people involved in coffee. The shop was built on family roadtrips in a large pick-up truck. I vividly remember going to coffee plantations in West Java and going home with a couple pouches of coffee. Today, we go through a couple sacks of coffee a month from that same plantation.
The same way that an espresso is a journey from farm to cafe, so is Eight Coffee. Before it was a coffee shop, the space was a home. You can still make out the different rooms that made up the home and can even see where some walls were torn down to create a large open space. The walls are painted in a rich burgandy color and decorated with photographs. The furniture is a mishmash of things we found at a roadside antique store in Java, the work of local Jakartan carpenters, and the work of artistic craftsmen in

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