Descriptive Essay On Cowboys

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When Grandaddy and I travel, we often see familiar animals, like chickens, sheep, goats and cattle. We also see horses, but not everywhere, certainly not in the Arctic. We never know when or where we will see horses and we don’t always know the breed they are or what they can do. But there is no doubt that horses have given us experiences that have been ordinary and extraordinary.


Around the world, people breed horses for work and other purposes; for example, we saw working horses in Brazil. Just like in the United States, there are horse-riding men who round up cattle on large ranches. Once, standing by the road, were several handsome chestnut horses with worn leather saddles poised on colorful blankets; the horses were waiting for the nearby cowboys to put them to work again. As we rode along another day in our bus, it came to a full stop so the horseback cowboys could finish herding their cattle across the road. I didn’t mind this wait at all; it was fun to watch the men and horses doing their jobs and to see the animals so close up.

The year before that, in a Hungarian equestrian park outside of Budapest, we saw horses doing traditional work and performing for tourists. The goal of the “cowboy show” was to help visitors understand more about the nation’s culture and traditions. We saw horses pulling large wooden wagons, racing along while carrying archers who shot at targets, and showing off finely dressed ladies riding side-saddle. While Grandaddy went on
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