Descriptive Essay On Dodo Bird

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Shifting The View of The Dodo
Picture yourself running through the woods as quickly as your legs can move you, with a heap of emotions running through your brain. You feel betrayed, offended, helpless, terrified. You have never been an aggressive animal. You are friendly, you don’t eat animals, and it’s not like you have the abilities to overpower anything if you do eat them. This may aid your imagination of what the dodo bird went through while being hunted down by the Portuguese. The dodo bird may seem like an unvarying animal; however, the bird, it’s misconception, and how it became extinct are intriguing in a way that you may find odd.
The dodo bird is not an extremely famous bird, like the beautiful parrot, or the perfectly pink flamingo. Many people aren’t educated on what the bird was genuinely like, or even what the bird is. The dodo is a flightless bird from an island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. It is part of the Raphidae family(Dodo 1), which consists of pigeons and doves. The dodo clings to the forest in Mauritius and has been extinct since the 17th century(Extinct Bird 1), eating only nuts, fruits, or seeds it found on the ground(Viral Stats). The dodo bird has a comical appearance, that one could only imagine. It’s unique visuals were “small useless wings, thick yellow legs, and a tuft of feathers high on its rear end” (Dodo 2). These odd characteristics made it easy for people to deride the dodo bird. In terms of size, the dodo was larger than a turkey, it “weighed about 23 kg (about 50 pounds) plumage...23-centimetre (9-inch) blackish bill with reddish sheath forming the hooked tip”(Dodo 1). Although it’s not a very popular bird, the dodo has been featured in books and movies, such as Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, or Dick, Marjorie and Fidge:a search for the wonderful dodo (Farrow and Wright). While these two pieces are very contributing to the discovery and familiarity of the bird, they are also very contributing to the controversial misconception of the bird.
There is a national misconception of the appearance and intelligence of the dodo bird. Most people view the dodo bird as...well, as a dodo. However, according to Emily Anthes’ multiple studies, this isn’t

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