Descriptive Essay On Elmwood Park

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Elmwood Park is a village in Cook County, located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and it was established in 1914. The community has a population of 24,883 according to the 2010 census, and has maintained a large Italian-American population. I explored this village in early September, and stayed for a few hours visiting the downtown area and some small neighborhoods. Downtown Elmwood Park consisted of many restaurants, majority of them were Italian cuisine and Italian pizzerias. I saw a lot of people outside as it was a nice warm day, there was a park that was filled with young children and some elders, there was also some other adults walking/running with their dogs. About eighty percent of the people there were Caucasian or at least it appeared to be that they were Caucasian. There was about eight restaurants in just one block, and about six barber shops as well, and three grocery stores. The village looked like it was heavily influenced with Italian culture and it almost felt like I stepped into a typically Italian American neighborhood movie set. There was one bakery in particular that I stepped into and also purchased bread from that filled up the block with it’s smell which was pleasant and was what appealed to me in the first place. The bakery had English and Italian text in the business's posters and signs, a grocery stores also had the bilingual posters and as well as the restaurant next to it. There was many Catholic parishes, all of which had religious symbols
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