Descriptive Essay On Fishing

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The hot rays of sunshine were starting to burn my skin on that blistering hot day of august. I was on vacation at my grandparents' house in Petoskey, Michigan. It was around the year of 2011 which seems like a long time ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Since it was the hottest day of the summer my grandpa and I decided to go fishing since it is a very relaxing activity to do on a hot day which can sometimes be quite chaotic. This somewhat calm and relaxing recreational activity turned into something a little different. All I can say is that I will only try to catch fish instead of other creatures living in the water.
As I woke up on the warm Sunday morning I had a sense of wonder in my eyes. The summer of 2011 was coming to close and I wanted to have some fun before it was too late. As I got out of my bed, I walked into my grandparent's large garage that was filled with adventures around every corner. Walking around that garage the smell of moth balls filled my nostrils with disgust. Going down the creaky stairs, I noticed a red fishing rod to the left of a prehistoric refrigerator that was collecting dust. The sun glimmered on the metal body as I gazed in awe at this beauteous fishing technology. With wonder I ran to my grandpa who was laid out in his dark brown recliner watching ESPN highlights from the day before. With great pleasure I asked my fish loving grandpa if we could go fish in the park down the road. With happiness he replied yes, knowing that I

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