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Fruit Smoothie
On a scale from one to ten, how much pain are you in? To me, pain is indescribable. You can’t put a number on it. It affects everyone differently: physically, mentally, or both. Pain puts a person under pressure. It is just you and your pain and no one can fully understand how you feel and no one knows for sure how to get rid of it. People can guess, but they might not be right. Because of that, your pain knows you. It knows your fears, your favorite things to do, and how far is your tipping point or until you hit rock bottom. Pain is the friend you wished you never had. It was a humid fall day when I hit my tipping point. The type of fall day where you could bundle up with layers upon layers, but by the end
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However, when your leg feels like it’s strawberries being smashed in a blender, you tend not to think long-term. I got to math class eventually. My teacher was Ms. Clarin. She was nice; however, it was her second year of teaching so the class could get a little rowdy at times. When I finally made it to my desk, I was relieved, but I knew it would be a continuous battle the rest of the day. I struggled to get into my desk. I struggled to bend my right leg and put it under the desk. My pain was restraining me with all its’ might. Finally, I was able to bend my right leg slightly. At the time, I thought that being able to behind my right leg was like climbing Mt. Mckinley. “All right class, it is time to get out your notes,” Ms.Clarin proclaimed. My left leg started to tap rapidly. It was not tapping to the beat of a song but to the beat of which pain shoots through my leg. It was like someone increased the speed of a blender ten-folded and that corresponded to my pain. I considered asking Ms.Clarin if I could go to the nurse’s office, but I did not want to look weak. I could not focus on math because at the moment I would say the answer to two plus two would be pain.
We are not born knowing answers. We did not know the answer to two plus two straight out of the womb, we had to learn it. Sometimes we learned through repetition, other times through mistakes. Four doctors had the incorrect answer when I saw them trying to figure out the

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