Descriptive Essay On Halloween

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Candy Surprise! “Beep! Beep! Beep!” my alarm clock said as I groggily turned it off. Then I realized it was one of my most favorite holidays ever, besides Christmas! It was Halloween! I love Halloween, the sweet smell of pumpkin pies, the cool and crisp fall air, and especially the dressing up and trick or treating. But, I have a feeling this Halloween was going to be a little different. As I got dressed I looked at my beautiful Belle costume from Beauty and the Beast. Instead of being the Belle in the yellow dress towards the end of the movie, I am going to wear a costume of her from the beginning of the movie. This is when she is dressed up as a maid. I liked it better than the capacious bulky ball-gown. I was so happy when mama showed me her handy-work. It was perfect! But, that is enough of my costume, I don’t want to give away too much! As I was walking around the house ( because we had a day off for the holiday), I had noticed that mama had cooked flapjacks for breakfast! They were delicious, the sweet syrup, the perfect square of butter, I was flabbergasted! I gobbled them up and quickly washed my hands because I did not want them to be sticky from the syrup. So finally, I found the Halloween candy stash! I was so excited, but I knew that I could not take any because my mother would notice that I had taken some. But the candy she bought was so enticing. My mouth was watering while I was staring at it. Later that evening, I was helping my mama get ready for the Trick-or-Treaters. Then, as I was pouring the immense bag of candy in a large, plastic tub, I had noticed that the candy seemed to wiggle on its own. I thought this was absolutely strange. I asked mother if her candy seemed to wiggle on its own and she said that I needed to take a break from pouring candy. She also said I was going cross-eyed from helping her with the candy for so long! It was finally time to trick-or-treat! Mama had helped me put on my costume and do my makeup and hair. I was ready. My friends had rung the doorbell and I hastily went to answer. When I opened the door, there they were. They were dressed as Mary Poppins and Mulan. Again, I noticed the candy seemed to squirm in the tub. I asked my friends and they did not see it.
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