Descriptive Essay On High School

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My mind is all a blur as I wake up at Paloma Valley High School, having no clue how I ended up there. Naturally, I scavenge for food and water in the cafeteria and I’m able to gather five cans of food and five pints of water. As I walk around the once crowded halls of the school, I see a group of people. They introduced themselves as Jaden, Xavier, and Michael Jay, and we call ourselves The Freuds. We start talking about what happened, and I begin to remember that there was a zombie outbreak. Having nothing better to do, we look for any useful things that may come in handy along the road.
I stumble upon an overabundance of medical supplies and luckily I’m first aid certified. Our group continues to explore the campus and Jaden finds a horse, and names him Dexter. We also find a girl named Carra who had said that she ran away from her group that called themselves the Humanistics. So now we know it isn’t just us, and there are other people out there. Jay mentions that he is an Olympian runner and swimmer, which will be helpful when he’ll need to race someone potentially. Another person, Hailey, joins our group and unfortunately eats all of our food. Tired and exhausted, we all lay down and go to sleep (except for Jay), thinking to myself that things will take a turn for the better…
Waking up to the panicked voices of the others in my group, I find out that all of our stuff is gone and Jay is too. Now we have NO food and NO water, nothing to defend ourselves
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