Descriptive Essay On Hiking

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Over the summer, my family and I drove up to Maine in order to visit my grandpa and relax. For the past couple of years, my dad and I have planned a few days to go hiking. We got into hiking a couple of years ago when we first discovered Tumbledown Mountain. After our first hike together, we were entranced by the beauty of nature and peacefulness that we were eager to plan more. This became a tradition because my dad and I rarely get to spend a lot of time together due to our busy schedules.
When arriving at Tumbledown Mountain, I was surrounded by brown and reddish leaves that were scattered on the ground. The trees around me were filled with luscious, vibrant, green leaves that enchanted my eyes. In addition to the leaves and trees, there was a lot of moss growing on tree stumps that looked like a small blanket covering an infant. Wild, white mushrooms were also growing out of the ground, which gave the ground a pop of color. Taking a step out of the car and onto the leaves, sounded like fire crackling at a camp fire. The sound of the leaves made the hairs on my arm stick up and filled my skin with small goose bumps. At first the smell of the woods was unfamiliar, but I soon got used to it and felt at ease. It felt like I was in my own fantasy where I could escape my troubles and focus on each little detail in the woods.
The path leading up the mountain looked like a never ending hallway. With our hiking shoes and backpacks, we looked like explorers ready to face our
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