Descriptive Essay On Migrant Mother

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How much power does an image hold? The photo "Migrant Mother" taken by Dorothea Lange demonstrates the sacrifices a mother must make for her children to survive. This imagery shows the real day to day existence of migrant workers and their families. It expresses how tough times can be and it shows the reality of what a migrant worker would go through when there is no optimism left; Empathy can be approached in many forms and can be demonstrated through a variety of perspectives. Robert F. Kennedy’s perspective for his speech on Martin Luther King Jr’s death was to encourage people to not use violence and continue to spread peace and positivity towards all kinds of people. Photos and politicians both have a message; photographs can evoke empathy through their details and visuals as a message, whereas politicians mostly use tone and inspiration in their speeches. First off, photos evoke more empathy than politicians because a visual represents a certain situation which helps readers appreciate and understand the situation more. With politicians readers are required to analyze the tone and what the person is addressing to understand the true meaning. Readers appreciate and understand the visual more because of the facial expressions and background conditions however, with politicians, the audience does not see their facial expressions to understand how they are approaching the topic. Dorothea Lange provides some background information of the migrant mother and her kids in the
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