Descriptive Essay On Moving Day

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The scene outside, rainy and gloomy, sets an eerie tone. This isn’t the typical August weather, but we’re not concerned at all. It’ll only make our jobs more difficult in this harsh downpour. As a matter of fact, my parents have been waiting for this day ever since they made their choice. My voice didn’t matter as much, so I had two choices. I had tried preparing myself by opting for one of the choices. However, that wasn’t the case on moving day. My day started like every other day. Laying in bed and unwinding until you have the energy to actually get out of bed and be productive. Except, it really wasn’t. It was August of 2014, beginning of the school year. I had lived on a street called Larsen Lane nearly all of my life, and had gone to the same school all my life, too. We should’ve been getting ready for school, but our parents decided we should take the day off. This kind of unwinding was different because my brother and I had slept on just mattresses; our bed frames had already been packed. Our room was just plain. The blue walls had stayed here ever since we had got them painted years ago, but that was it. The stickers we collected on our sliding glass doors to our closet were all taken off. I laid there, bland and lifeless, on the verge of tears even, thinking about the choice that could set me up for middle school. Our mom settled herself in bed with us, comforting us so we would couldn’t get too overwhelmed by the emotions of leaving behind our old life.
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