Descriptive Essay On My Birthday Gift

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My Birthday Gift Today is my birthday and right when I came home from school, my Dad said, “Will, I bought tickets to the Warriors Vs. Clippers game and it’s 2nd to front row seats!‘Do you want to go?” I thought for a minute of just going to the Staples Center to see Steph Curry and Klay Thompson play. “Yes.” I finally said. So I put my backpack away, got my Jersey on and we headed to Los Angeles. On the way my Dad looked at his phone at a stop light and said that Beyonce and Jay-Z would be performing at the halftime show.

When we parked our car, we walked right straight to the stadium and we saw a blimp going by that said, “Go Clippers”. When we got into the stadium, my Dad and I filled up on some snacks like Sprite or Hot Dogs and then we went to go find our seats as we read the injuries on the board and one of them read, “Blake Griffin”. Our seats were the best ones in the house and we were right next to the floor. I saw Steph Curry walked right by me and I saw Klay Thompson and I gave him a high five. When the game was about to start, Adam Sandler walked right by me and I said, “Hey Adam, I’m such a huge fan and I love your movies.” “Hey thank you kid what’s your name?” “Will.” “Hey Will nice to meet you.” “Today is my birthday and I saw that you were going to be here.” “Oh, well happy birthday. It was nice meeting you.”

The game had just started has Steph drained a three and they said and on the screen they were putting up a contest for if they call your seat number, you get to try and shoot a three from half court and win $5,000 and a 5 day trip to Hawaii. So after the first quarter was over they were going to announce the number. “Alright folks.” said the announcer. “We are going to announce the winner of that will be trying to win the jackbox prize.” “Alright, the section is in the 100’s. The row is 2 and the number is 2.” I can’t believe it. They called the spot I was in and on the screen showed me sitting as cheerleader were right next to me holding up a sign saying, “You won.” “122 is the winner.” said the announcer in a loud voice. So after that the second quarter started and then it was halftime as the cheerleaders came by and took me to the court. “What’s your name kid?” said the

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