Descriptive Essay On My First Deer

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My First Deer
Deer season begins on Thursday and I really hope I will be able to shoot my first deer. My dad, my brother, and I are leaving after school Wednesday and heading up to our deer camp in Ishpeming, Michigan. The car ride was long, but it went by very fast mainly because I slept most of it. Once we finally arrived are cousins Case and his son Collin were already out at the camp. Case tells us that the deer population was very low and that there aren't very many bucks around. He says that it was caused by the frigid winter the year before. It was pretty late and we wanted to get up before dawn to go out and hunt so we just went to sleep excited for the following morning.
My dad wakes all of us up a little before 6:00 and we eat some breakfast before we head out to our blinds. Once I get out to my blind I walk down to my bait pile to throw some apples on it. I notice a couple of deer tracks which excites me because there had been some deer in the area. Once I’m done spreading my apples I scamper back up the trail to my blind and wait. About twenty minutes later it starts to get light out and the quiet forest starts to come alive. That morning I saw all kinds of animals from woodpeckers to chipmunks. But no sign of any deer other than the couple of tracks from the night before. Around noon I call my dad on my walkie talkie to come pick me up for lunch.
When he picks me up he asks “Did you see anything” and I reply seldomly “Not a single deer” Next I asked “Do you know
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