Descriptive Essay On My Grandmother

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Life is full of difficulties that people often allow these setbacks to define who they are; however, there are a few strong-minded individuals who can take struggles in life and use them to become more determined and tenacious people. My grandmother is one of these few who can turn these unfortunate circumstances and utilize them to become a stronger person. From a tragic car crash her senior year, to having to take care of her four grandchildren by herself without much support, my grandmother, Fran Moss, has always embodied this drive to succeed regardless of the endeavors faced in her life. As my grandmother lies on the sofa with her birdlike ankles barely touching the second cushion she is surrounded with elegant paintings that bring her into the crowded sophisticated streets of Paris. Her thin wrists show as she reaches for her glass that is filled with a dark red liquid like the French blood running through her veins. She has a hard, small line that runs just under her nose, but when she is in the classroom her stern look turns into a smile as she shows off her stained teeth. Her raspy voice echoes throughout the room, and one can almost hear her eagerness throughout the classroom. She wears patterned pants that are as extravagant as the paintings in The Louvre in Paris with a heeled sandal to give her a little more height. Her dull green eyes show through her glasses as her grey hair sweeps nicely across her face. Even though she is petite, she is intimidating with
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