Descriptive Essay On Pitbulls

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Thumper Our old red van squealed as it halted to a stop. One Pitbull, no two Pitbull’s were in a big bay window of our new dogs old home, barking at our arrival. They welcomed us into their home with open arms as if we were royalty. Once inside their house, my mouth went upside down like a rainbow and my nose scrunched up in disgust. My eyes narrowed to find the horrid smell, as they adjusted to the dirty and dark room they searched for the source when they saw some glass terrariums. My brain must have told my feet to move towards them because as soon as i saw them i was right next to it the tanks. i put my finger on the glass tank where the log inside was touching. i didn’t see anything, but i stayed there. i turn thinking nothing was there when something struck the glass. i jumped back examining my finger. Nothing. Now knowing nothing could bite through the thick glass i put my finger by on the glass. it came back. it was a brown snake. There was at least 6 tank exactly like the others. The only difference is that they were different kinds of snakes. “Oh i forgot to tell you, we have snakes; hope you aren’t afraid of them.” said the mom. When she said that my mom was just stepping into the house and let out a nervous laugh and stated that she was very afraid of snakes. She tried to stay away from them, but they were everywhere. There were seven of them, but it was a tiny living room, so it seemed like everything. After about five more apologize for the

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