Descriptive Essay On Plants

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Once upon a time there was a very quiet neighborhood, lovely neighbors were always outside watering their plants. They always took good care of their plants. Alice had beautiful full red roses. John watering his flaring red and orange clematis and Emily watering her soft pink and blue periwinkle plant. They all stood out and their color popped out. Early every morning the grandma and grandpa would water the plants too. On that particular morning, as the old man went outside to water the plants , the grandma went to the kitchen to look in her magic cookbook. Up,Up,Up she stretched to get the book down from the shelf and put it on the kitchen table. The book belonged to her mom, and her moms mom,before that, and her mum’s, mum’s mum before her, and her mum’s, mum’s, mum’s mum a long, long time ago. As she was flipping through the pages, one page 1, jumping strawberries.Page 2 , flying fried dough. On page 3, talking burger. What a crazy book she thought to herself. Then something caught her eye as she was flipping through the book , page 4 and reads “The speedy candyman.” she laughed. All her life she was loved candy. I love candy! Mix,Mix mixing the old women started cooking. Stir,stir stirring, she added sugar and flour and continues cooking. Mix, mix,mixing,stir,stir stirring .The old women kept on stirring happily and dancing. She added some butter and one large egg before mixing some special candy. The old women took two handful of dough and started making the
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