Descriptive Essay On Polar Eagles

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So, we went to Spitzbergen to see Arctic birds like the Ross’s Gull, Atlantic Puffin, Ivory Gull, Pink-legged Goose, and King Eider. But some of our most memorable moments were provided by polar bears. Spitzbergen (meaning jagged mountains) is a collection of islands northeast of Norway and halfway between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. We cruised through these island on a former Royal Dutch Navy icebreaker which held our birding group of about a dozen and nearly 100 other passengers.
Our first adventure with a polar bear came on an island we were visiting to see an Atlantic Puffin nesting area. We unloaded from our Zodiacs (rubber motor-powered boats) on a rocky shore at the foot of a stony mountain. We divided into three groups - one which was going to stay down at the shore level, a second group (including Grammie Bec and me) which was going straight up the mountain, and a third group which was going to take a longer, more round-about hike to the top. We slowly made our way up the challenging rocky slope - often doing four-point climbing (hands and feet) - I had to do three-point climbing because I had to protect my camera. About a third of the way up the slope, Grammie Bec called it quits and returned to the shore group because she was concerned about re-injuring her knee, which had recently healed from being badly twisted. On my own now, I quickly moved up through the pack and by the time we got to the top, I was right behind the guide, Shanghai Chris (as

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