Descriptive Essay On Poplar Hill Farm

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Let me tell you about my 1986 visit to a place that sometimes feels forgotten to time and history. October is usually the time of year when the intense heat of the summer in Mississippi is waning and cooler conditions are on the way, but the summer of 1986, the heat, still intense. Ordinarily, visiting with family, an easy task, but this was a bit different. The Poplar Hill Farm a place I had read about, listened to stories about, the place I have wanted to visit since beginning my research. An adventure of a lifetime, excited by the opportunity, a bit nervous, questioning my preparedness, but determined to gain knowledge from Willie and Boles about their lives in Jefferson County. Who knew that this place in the backwoods of Jefferson County, would become my passion and a love affair with everything Jefferson County, Mississippi and Poplar Hill Farm/Plantation, Poplar Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church and finally the Poplar Hill School. Open and receptive to again meet Willie Jackson and Boles Riley, ask questions and of course, LISTEN to all the stories about their lives and stories of the ancestors. What came as somewhat of a surprise, and I did not know, these men Willie and Boles, they were the last two men to have known Delaney Jackson. My first stop, the Fayette Chancery Clerks Office in downtown Fayette, greeted by Dr. Samuel White, we had become friends over the phone and through letters of inquiry about documents and the history of Jefferson County,
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