Descriptive Essay On Roses

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Purple Petals Paris is in shambles. The town square, once full of laughter and music and dancing is barren and silent. Window sills that were bursting with brightly colored flowers of all sizes, with petals as soft as silk, now hang limp and lifeless, their owners no longer worried with such trivial luxuries. The air, instead of being ripe with the smell of a new spring, of warm rain showers and the bliss of sunshine after months of winter’s darkness is replaced with the sour, acrid stench of death. As if the sewage ridden streets and piles of bodies that grow daily on every street corner aren’t sufficient on their own. I hold a small container of strawberries tightly in my lap, not moving anything for fear that the handkerchief that…show more content…
Mama always insists we get them for her famous strawberry turnovers, the one gift I ask for every year. Every year we return to find a single purple rose hanging from the door post, and after Mama has prepared the turnovers we leave them to warm over the small fire set in the middle of the cottage and walk to the secluded patch, picking violets until my mother’s and I skirts sag with the weight of them all and I am sure that Papa’s and Denis’s pockets are going to burst at the seams if they stuff even one more petal in. I am filled with excitement just thinking about the laughter filled trek to the flower patch and my mouth beings to water as I am reminded of the sweet, sugary scent that has filled the room by the time we return. It is these thoughts and memories that prompt me to sit up taller, my eyes searching for the pop of purple that will tell us everything’s just as it should be. But it isn’t there. My eyes burn by the time I finally allow myself to blink, and I tell myself that when I open my them again it will be there. But it isn’t and before I even know I am crying, tears are falling down my face, my heart heavy with the fear of the worst. “Papa,” I whisper, my voice barely more than a wisp of air. “It’s alright cheri, don’t assume the worst until you have reason to.” But though his words
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