Descriptive Essay On Senior Prom

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Senior Prom
I have been waiting for my senior prom since my freshman year of high school. My senior prom was amazing; from pre-prom festivities, prom, and all the after parties. I did not go to prom my junior year so it was my final chance. My family and friends told me I needed to have this experience in my life. I figured they were correct, so I decided to go. Instead of going on a date, I went with my friends. The days leading to prom were very hectic. Prom always occurred during soccer season. I am the captain of my soccer team so I was very concerned with the potential schedule conflict. We were scheduled to have a playoff game on prom night and everybody was upset. As a captain, all the responsibility was on me and I did not want to let my team down. My coach and I had a meeting to discuss the possibility of switching the game. During the meeting, I negotiated having the game on my birthday, which was two days before prom. Surprisingly the game was moved to my birthday. It turns out that we won and were advancing to round three of the state playoffs. Now, I could finally focus on my pre-prom activities. It was time to get my nails, eyebrows, and hair done. Finally, prom day was here and I was very excited. I have waited for all high school for this very moment. The first thing I did was go get my hair done early that morning. During my hair appointment, I was pumped with adrenalin and excitement. After my hair appointment was complete I had a little break before I went to my next appointment. The next thing I had to do was to get my makeup done. After my makeup was complete I was ready to get dress. Then got dressed and had a mini photo shoot at my house before my prom festivities started. For dinner, my friends and I decided to eat at Basan then head to the prom venue. When we arrived at prom there was a long line to go inside. Once inside the building, it was lit but extremely hot at that same time. As soon as you walked in it was 100 degrees. My friends and I kept going upstairs and downstairs to prevent our hair and makeup from messing up. There was a lot of dancing and eating during prom. Everybody's shoes were off and their hair was an absolute mess.

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