Descriptive Essay On Show Day

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The first time that i ever stepped in a show ring i was as nervous is a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I walked in the show ring with my blue roan heifer, we were at dodge city at the High Plains Livestock Classic or otherwise known as HPLC. My class was full of showman that were more experienced than me, i was seven years old and the people i was showing against were almost 11 years old. The heifer i was showing was a blue roan witch is a black calf with white flares all threw out the body so there for it looks like a shade of blue. Her name was sapphire we bought her from a guy in Easter Kansas his name is Denis Pearson. At HPLC we full fit, full fit is when we go all out and use glue and paint to make them look bigger boned and deeper ribbed. Fitting legs is very fun i believe, we use fake hair fake hair can be classified as the hair we trim off the steer or heifer before and we put it in a bag to use on show day or we can use fake hair as in horse tail. People often use horse hair for the flank because i lays in under the flank flat some can form the hair with glue and a pair of clippers. It is a process to build hair it doesn't just start show day. Preparing a calf for show day is not as easy as it may look. A calf that has never been worked with will not stand in the shoot to be fit or clipped the first time out. A calf that has been fought everyday will have nice hair that lays forward and stands up when clean. There is a huge difference between
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