Descriptive Essay On Showmanship

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“Attention everyone,” a creaky voice scratched out on the old speaker, “Attention, judging for showmanship is about to begin, everyone please round up your animal and come to the ring.” My nerves instantly hit me, my hands instantly became frigid, unwilling to move even one centimeter. Everywhere around there was nothing but faded denim jeans, cowboy boots, old t-shirts, plaid shirts, and the occasional stetson. The screeching and bleating of surrounding animals bounced around in my head, making it more difficult to concentrate. The smell of manure and farm animal burned my nostrils as I shook my head to clear my thoughts. All around me people quickly rushed to their animals to do one last check over, pluck away the straw, fluff the wool, clear the crust, and check the hooves, all while freshening up themselves. Meanwhile I carefully took my market lamb away from the craziness and meandered to the front of the ring without a care in the world. It was fair time yet again, sometimes it brought out the best, and sometimes the worse, in people. I however was in a man’s world in showing, each year I’d made it my mission to clean out the competition and leave them with nothing, and this year I was going to claim showmanship yet again to my winnings. Showmanship is a big deal in showing at the fair. Winning meant recognition for all your hard work and winnings. It also meant a shiny, golden trophy with your name engraved on it. So far I had one it only once, in the year

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