Descriptive Essay On Sleep

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Over the past year sleep is something that did not come easy anymore. I catch myself dreaming of happier times, times where there was no pain. Subconsciously I feel myself slowing slipping out of my dream, I dread that thought of having to go to work at that place one more day. Suddenly my dreams are disturbed, I can hear my boyfriend Joe talking on the phone, then I hear, “ I’ll wake her, Mad it is for you “ the phone slammed on my chest, as I flinch awake, I look around eyes half open, staring into the dark around, all I can see is the light shining in the door as if the sun is now located in our hallway, there is a silhouette of Joe standing in the doorway, I give him an angry look, only because I do not have to work until noon, it is…show more content…
Again, my Dad says, “Mad, its grandma” “No! Don’t say it, no no no!” I yell frantically. If they don’t finish the sentence this won 't be real, this cannot be happening, even if it is happening I am not ready! I push Joe’s hand off my back. I don 't want to deal with this, not yet, not now, not ever! All I need to do is just to get off the phone, go back to bed and once I wake up I’ll go to work, go see Grandma after work like I have been for the past months. “ Mad , I’m sorry but, she’s gone honey, Uncle Bob was with her, earlier this morning, we’re going up to St. Ben’s in an hour or so, you need to come with.” I can hear the tears building up in my dad 's voice. “ I love you Mad” I instantly shatter, as if I am a glass plate that being slammed onto a concrete floor with all your might. Every single part of my is broken, ripped apart and stomped on. My body went numb, my hard panting breath stopped has now slowed down. I felt as if someone ran me over with a big truck now it is so conveniently parked on my chest. All I could do was lay there clutching to the phone, even though dad had hung up. I’m speechless, thoughtless, breathless, I lay there for, what seems like days. Alone. Broken. Silent. I look up at Joe at that moment I realize that Mom had told Joe before he came in the room, then he wipes the tears off my cheeks. I begin to breath fast again, I feel like a
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