Descriptive Essay On Spongebob

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"Hey, want to go to a party tomorrow?" my best friend, Sarah invites me yet being the lazy ass that I am I don't even bother replying back. I have more important things to do. Shoving a bunch of potato chips inside my mouth, I laughed loudly at how the main character gets a fucking black eye for being utterly clumsy. I'm clearly watching the funniest show of all time that was now streaming on my TV. Gosh, I love this show and it is in fact my favorite one of all time. "Spongebob?" a familiar voice filled the room early in the morning cutting me off from my laughter, who might that be? Though I was so caught up in the part when he boasted about his throbbing black eye, to even bother go checking on who the hell was interrupting Spongebob. Come on, it's Spongebob. I started cackling when those other smelly fishes were even that stupid to believe, that is why I love…show more content…
Yet I don't know why she looked surprised, I take risks. I really can so now you would get the idea that I never go to parties ever. I'm more of a fucking introvert who is fucking proud. "Your going to have to ditch that party, or else I have no choice but to hide the TV from you for a whole month" My jaw drops. No TV would mean no Spongebob and no Spongebob would mean no life. "NO! YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE." I am beginning to throw a tantrum like a cat practically begging a rat to get out of his hole so it could eat it as stupid as it sounds, it is absolutely 100% true. "Your going to have to babysit her for the whole month, this is a chance for you to be responsi-" I shut her off. Everything she is saying as for today is unbelievable, I'd rather have lectures with my boring math teacher than this. "MOM?! WHOLE MONTH?!" that long with a 10-year-old girl, how could she not think about the worst possible things that could happen? Like I don't know? What if I accidentally feed her to a tiger when she tells me she wants to go to the
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