Descriptive Essay On The Brave Woman

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That Brave Woman

Looking down at the spectacular view, I can understand why pilots love their jobs so much. As far as the eye can see, there are mountains. White blankets engulf them and protect them from the outside world. The sun, in all its glory, rises and peeks through the gaps of the hilltops creating the most gorgeous sunrise one can lay eyes on. Tiny patches of grass emerge through the thick white carpets, and the hum of nature can be seen even in this "winter wonderland." However, I have to remember the reason I'm here. It flashes me out of my trance and back to reality like a splash of cold water to the face. I know what I must do. I circle the aircraft and look down. The earth seems so quiet and peaceful in this corner even though there are great tragedies occurring everywhere, but let us back the story up a few days beforehand. It was a normal day. I was relaxing in my private office and sipping my coffee. My secretary came through the door and took a seat at her desk. I gazed at my detective badge with "Jack Fisher" in bright gold lettering and sighed. I had come a long way to get here. Then, the phone rang, and I jumped with a start. I rarely got calls this time of year. Nonetheless, I picked up the receiver and held the phone to my ear. A minute later, I was in the pilot seat of my aircraft, and I had taken off. I had just received news that Amelia Earhart had gone missing.

Amelia Earhart had been the "talk of the town." Amelia, or "Lady Lindy" as she
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