Descriptive Essay On The Curse

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“The Curse Which Still Lived”

It was a depressing and grey afternoon. James had just turned twenty-five, and as adventurous as he was, he anxiously waited for a task. Next thing he knew, he has found himself scrolling on an LED screen which entranced him as if he knew nothing more. There he sat, alone in his dusty old room looking through various websites for interesting locations near him. His fingers stopped with a jerk. A picture of a castle intrigued him as he stared at the blinding screen. The location was on an island north of Canada, only about an hour and a half from his hometown near Nunavut. Four words caught his eyes underneath the section titled “Description”. “ The curse never dies,” it wrote. This didn’t deter James in the slightest. The next morning James pulled himself out of bed and got ready. The day was bright and warm with very few clouds in the sky; the fresh scents of summer filled his nostrils as he prepared to embark on this adventure. For one hour and thirty minutes James drove through the constant stretch of road until he reached something. It was a boat ramp, but something was off. The ramp had been consumed by the elements of nature and time and floating near the ramp was an old wooden paddle boat engraved with the words “Katherine Rogers” on the side. It seemed to have been there only a couple weeks. James carefully boarded the small paddle boat and made his way north, where at a distance, a island could be spotted with a castle-like structure
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