Descriptive Essay On The Day In The Night

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Lima Mall, it sounds boring, but when going with my Aunt Mercedes it ends up being a blast. We end up looking like really big goofballs whenever we go out in public. When we go shopping at Lima Mall we look like crazy, ladies, because my weird personality forces me to act like I am not normal. Cedes tries to keep her son Emery and I behaving, and it makes me laugh, because she looks mean. Emery, Cedes, and I go around looking for one specific store, so we end up wandering around lost until we realize that we had passed it at least once. Two peas in a pod, that is what I call Cedes and I, also I would call us the two goofballs in the family. I continue to look up to Cedes. She remains near and dear to my heart, and she always will. Humorous, a word that anyone can use to describe my Aunt Cedes. Every time I greet her at the door she smiles, and when she comes inside she plays with my dog Ivy, it causes me to laugh because Cedes chases Ivy around. Cedes has her ups and downs, but no matter what happens to her if she has a rough day she still makes spending the night at her house an amazing time. First, when we hang out we do not take pictures together, but when we do they are funny because we will make ugly faces. When Cedes gets bored at work she sends me videos or pictures on Snapchat, and they make me laugh. Cedes ends up making a “quick trip” to my house to pay my mom, but always ends up staying for an hour or more. Cedes makes any situation a good one, or she at

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