Descriptive Essay On The Day

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On a late night, about 10:30. I make my bed and let my dog out to go to the bathroom. After letting her out, I lay in bed hoping to have a good dream. I take off my glasses and turn off my lamp, and turn off my wax burner because my mini poodle does not like the light that it emits, and she likes the moon light. I am walking down the school hall, heading from the English classroom to the library. The hall is empty with no one in sight. I’m going to the library to go print out something for english but I am unsure of what. There is an oval object against the wall on the right, it gives off the same effect as a heat wave on top of a car. I turn to the orb, and look at it blankly. My fingers just an inch away, about to touch it, then I wake up. I get ready for school, wake up at 5:40, play on my phone, get dressed, let the dogs out, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and walk out the door. The day is boring as normal. I get to English and remember that my new copy of my I am Famous is due. I ask the teacher if it is okay to get it printed. After a moment of contemplating in her head, she just agrees. She replies in a rushed way “Okay, go quick.” I walk down the hall and look down at my phone texting my friend. “Ugh, school is so stressful.” Out of the corner of my eye I see something odd, when I look up there it is, the orb shimmering. I look around to check if anyone is around to see it. No one, not even a single soul in sight. I take the chance, walk over to it, and stare at it
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