Descriptive Essay On The Farm

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“Creek,” the open sway of the door makes as my mother leads the way out the front door. We were making our way to the only part of the farm with short, vivid, green grass. The walk is a challenge because of what plump creatures we are. As we arrived to or destination my father laid down the blanket that was retrieved from the giants home. Sneaking around my mom, attempting to grasp the goods from the basket failed. When my mother opens the basket, me and Dede sprint over, getting ready for our lovely mice picnic.
Eating our delectable lunch was a delight. Everything was going perfectly, until, “ROAR,” and then I knew that this was going to be a Moustasic Disaster! “AHHHHH,” Dede, “it’s coming.” Mom and dad were flailing and panicking because the last time something like this happened, let’s just say it wasn’t that bright. “Hurry,” shouted mom, “it’s racing toward us.” I didn’t know where to go so I just started sprinting , thinking that I was going the right way, guess what, I wasn’t. Looking back behind me wasn’t the best idea either. “SPLAT,” looks like there's a tree here! When I open my eyes I see a squirrel with eyes as black as night and a duck with pale feathers and a lustrous beak. I see the tall, broad trees at both ends of my eyes too. They are both staring at me like I am dead or something. Feeling tarnished to the tree trunk makes it hard to balance my hazy legs getting up. “He’s alive,” said the duck. “Hi,” said the squirrel, “i’m Lucy and this is Betty.”

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