Descriptive Essay On The Getty Museum

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Driving down the 405 freeway will now be a different experience for myself. Prior to the weekend of June 11, 2017, The Getty Museum was always a mystery. There are a several things I really enjoyed about the museum. It was surprising to learn the Getty Center is free for everyone that attends. When arriving we of course had to pay for parking, which was fifteen dollars for an all day parking pass. With the parking pass, the museum allows you to leave and return once within the same day. This is ideal for those who rather get food off the museum’s property. When arriving at the museum we rode on a six minute tram ride. The tram ride was included in the price of parking. Walking up to the museum’s entrance was an experience of its own. The architecture was entertaining. There were several areas that grabbed the viewers attention. After speaking to a museum employee, I was able to notice different areas with in the museum. The architect used large pooped out stones to grab the viewers attention. These pooped out stones provide a path to view points with in the museum. For example; one pooped out stone showed a view of the Central Garden, another lead us to a view of Los Angeles. The views were beautiful from the guided points. The museum was broke up into different pavilions. Each pavilion had a different theme, it was very easy to locate each pavilion and artwork within the building. One pavilion had a Changing Exhibition. While visiting the theme of the West Pavilion was The Lure of Italy: Artist Views. I soon realized all areas of the museum change to help protect the art on display. Areas of the Getty Museum included several painting galleries, sculpture, decorative art galleries, architecture, gardens and of course the changing exhibits. While walking through the buildings it was fascinating to see all the different styles of art on display. Artists all have their own techniques when creating their expression of what they see. Many paintings dated back to the 1700’s and seemed to have very little cracks or signs of age within the paintings. While experiencing the painting galleries, I was hopeful to find a painting by both Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. To my surprise the museum had one piece by

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