Descriptive Essay On The Haunted House

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When they walked through the doors of the haunted house in the graveyard, it had an instantly spooky aroma. The door itself was wooden and starting to rot away and fall from its hinges, although that kind of describes the whole house, falling apart. To the right there was a small staircase with ten or eleven steps leading upstairs and a doorway below them leading downstairs. There was old furniture scattered across the old house but it was all ripped up or broken. To the left of the room was a locked door that was still in perfect condition and was reinforced very well. Despite the attempts of two of the four members of their group of four teenagers, the door remained locked and closed. Going straight through the arch in front of them led to the dining room which is where the bad things began. When they entered the dining room they started to hear a very quiet whispering that made the hair on that back of your neck stand straight up. Almost like there was someone right there next to you talking in your ear when there wasn’t. Trying not to pay much attention to it they group pushed on. There were two doors in this room, one right next to the other, but leading to different rooms. When one of them tried to open the right-hand door the floor broke and one of the group fell down into it. A few seconds later a very pale woman in a red dress floated up from the hole in the floor that had claimed their friend. The woman floated up to the chandelier on the ceiling and sat there
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