Stereotypes In The Dumpster

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Walking up to the Fort Worth convention center and looking at the size of the building, it blew my mind away. I couldn't believe I made it to nationals for tumbling! When I touched the stadium doors, I felt the feeling of a shock up my spine. That was when everything finally started to sink in. As I walked in I noticed that the place looked really packed, and I knew there was no room for error. Thankfully, no one was allowed to go into warm ups besides your coaches. This allowed all my nerves to go away. As I put my first step down on the stadium floors I get that amazing feel of the red, white, and blue velvety tumbling floor. I am reminded of my gym back in Oregon, and why I was there representing team Oregon. About two in a half to three…show more content…
As I get ready for the first skill I feel like it is going to be more than good. Once my hands touch the white velvety tumbling floors, and my legs swing over my head, I feel complete exhilaration! I see the flash of the cameras going on and off, and I am blinded by the bright light, but that didn't stop me! All I could think about was the things that my coach always yelled at me about! Straighten your legs...Turn your hands in..look pretty! About to finish my routine, I feel like I am daydreaming. When I set to go into my back tuck I was worried. In warm up I was over rotated, and my legs swooped under me and I fell on my back. So I am not going to lie, I was nervous! But I was overjoyed when my set was on point which allowed me to do this beautiful back tuck with a clean kick out. Finally, I feel my feet hit the landing pad. It was a joy! Even though I finished my pass feeling dizzy, I still managed to keep it together and stick it!

I was more than happy, for being able to compete against the whole country. Even knowing I was the one chosen to represent team Oregon, made me more than honored. Yet, Afterwards I go to the stands at sit waiting to see my final results. My coach was beyond pleased, with my performance. You could see her beaming with
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