Descriptive Essay On The Picasso

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15th September 2017, Writing Project 1
The Picasso
It was my first day in the United States of America, travelling all the way from Nepal to witness this amazing city. I was mesmerized by the skyline and obviously the food. I was carving for my native Nepali food and to my amazement, there are many restaurants of nearly all the cuisines. Chicago is a city with over 2.7 million residents (Wikipedia, City of Chicago), living in the biting cold weather still happy and trying to cope up with the hustle and bustle of the big city. It has nearly all the ethnic cultures within the neighborhood, if one wants to experience any of these ethnic cultures they simply need to pay a visit to these neighborhoods.
Now, talking about the skyline the architecture is amazing, done with perfection and will leave you awe-struck. It masters in all the international styles and the maintenance of these buildings are the top priority for the Chicagoans. I didn’t find a single building in a bad condition and not only the buildings look good they are very safe too. All the buildings have well-maintained facilities in case of an emergency.
I took a short nap in the hotel and then left for a city tour, which was offered by the Chicago trolley. There I saw a huge dark metal structure which was challenging you to interpret it. I got down and started admiring the structure and was trying to understand the artist’s purpose. I noticed it was called “The Picasso”, it left me in a deep thought on what is the

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