Descriptive Essay On The Pink Chair

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It was a long time ago, and I don’t remember most of it, but what I do remember is how the floor just started to shake. I was very little, and couldn’t understand what was going on, but my mom called for my dad and told him to find my sister, Molly and get her onto the Pink Chair. The Pink Chair was a large pink chair with leaves and flowers on it. It had a huge cushion, and a back cushion, sort of like a mini couch. The leaves, which were green, contrasted greatly with the bright, cotton candy pink of the cushion color. The flowers were a softer color of pink, barely showing up, but there nonetheless. Our parents used to bring us all onto it and read to us. It was our safe place, where we would all curl up and read, or watch movies. Sometimes just to sleep. It was always a very calm affair, going onto the Pink Chair, but now there was a hint of urgency in my mom’s tone. Her face was tight, from what I can remember, and she was swaying slightly, due to the shaking of the floor. Sher cracked her knuckles and shook her hands out. Looking outside at the rattling windows, she picked me up and started to shakily walk towards the chair. I wasn’t aware that anything out of the ordinary was happening. My brain just couldn't process it. I was too young. My mother put me on the chair, and I instantly looked for my sister. “Where’s Molly?” I asked. It was my instinct to wonder where she was.
“She’ll be here,” my mom said. “Oh look! There she is!” she smiled at Molly.
“Mama!” Molly
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