Descriptive Essay On The Secret Closet

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The Secret Closet Opening the front door, I was overwhelmed with a wave of raised voices, and arguments coming from my parents. Neither of them had heard me come in, and I was okay with that; it had been an awful day at school, and the last thing I needed was to have another clash with them. I snuck into my room, passing the wreck that was our house. Dad’s boxes were scattered everywhere, some packed, and others not so much. Night had already come, so skipped dinner and just headed straight for my pillow. Snuggling under the covers I ponder, “What had happened to the perfect life our family had?” For a year our house had been filled with anger and resentment, and it didn’t seem like it was leaving anytime soon. Our lives had been turned upside down, and the worst thing was that through this whole thing, my parents seemed to have forgotten about me in their bickering over who got the blender. As I drifted off into a slumber, there tense voices could be heard through the paper thin walls, would it ever end? (24) As I sat there staring aimlessly up at the ceiling, I saw a dim glow out of the corner of my eye. Immediately, my head shot up, investigating this strange light. Taking a double take, I looked back at my closet, thinking this couldn’t be happening; my closet door was emitting a yellow glow. Slowly, I walked over, being cautious of everything the world had ever put into my mind about mysterious things happening to closets at night. (4) I whipped around the door and to

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