Descriptive Essay On The Spider

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The Spider(s)

I woke up like any other day from my deep sleep when my alarm clock started blasting after repeatedly hitting snooze ten times. Looking up at it I realize it’s my day off and curse at it for waking me up. After stretching I recall the dream I had. It was the most bizarre thing ever. It felt real, to real for my comfort zone. I was slowly getting ready for work, when I tripped over my feet trying to put my shoes on. My focus lands on this medium brownish black dot in the middle of the wooden floor. Realizing what it is I let the fear begin to consume my whole being. It's as if all those eight eyes are staring at me, waiting to chase me at the right moment when my guard is down. I can see it twitching, focusing all of it’s energy to jump on my face. But before it can do that I begin to get up. Hoping that I was going fast enough but slow enough but I wouldn’t trigger it to pounce on me. Once I got on my feet I dashed to the kitchen feeling relieved to get away from it. As I’m looking for something that could squish the eight legged creature from existence I feel this tickle on the back of my leg slowly moving upwards. Knowing what it is, out of instinct I quickly reach down and flick it off me. With A rolled up newspaper I turn around and see that the spider is nowhere to be seen. I go to the spot I saw it land but it’s as if it just upped and poofed it’s way into hiding. I can’t just leave it to roam around, it’s like guerilla warfare. I’m

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