Descriptive Essay On Toy Dog

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Think about something that can’t be lived without. The first thought coming to mind may be food, water or shelter, but for others that unlivable material could be an object. It could be a phone, a favorite shirt, a toy or any other assortment of items. Now imagine how that item can influence a life and decide if it does produce a long term impact in people’s thoughts and actions. A narrow mirror hanging on a wall or a pair of shoes on one's feet may appear trivial, but any item can have a story behind it and generate a lifelong impact. Can an object actually shape who someone is? Any object can influence someone’s life, no matter what it may be. I’m confident this is true since at one year of age, I acquired an item that helped craft who I am today and without it, my attitude and values would be drastically different.
Made of hard plastic with floppy ears, a button nose, and splotches of brown decorating its body, was a toy dog I dubbed Puppet. The plastic dog was meant to be named Puppy, however I couldn’t say it quite right and the mispronounced name simply stuck with him. Given by my mother as a first birthday gift, I became adamant on not letting puppet out of my sight. Because of this fierce sense of protection, every night I would hunt him down, wrap him in my meager baby arms, and fall fast asleep. Some found it odd a young child was sleeping with a dog made of hard plastic, but because I grew up with him I preferred him over any regular teddy bear. Puppet

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